Gas Hose

Be used for connection of gas cooker, 3 structures: single layer,double-layer, three-layer. Feature can be smooth or stria.Color: orange, black, red.

Garden Hose

Be applicable to irrigate in garden and clean ground, flexible and weather resistant., resistance to high pressure. Both ends can be brass connectors or plastic quick connectors, with hose reel is available.

High Pressure Spray Hose,Air Hose

Be used for agricultural chemicals spraying and high pressure cleaning. Be suitable for high pressure sprayer, high pressure washer, sakia. With Korea technology, 2 structure: single braided and two braided layers. Resistance to high pressure and corrosion, high adhesion and long service life.

Washing Machine Hose

Be suitable for washing machine water incoming. Both ends are plastic quick connectors or metal connectors.

Car Wash Hose

The PVC hose cold resistant, flexible, non-smelly. With brass connectors and water spray gun. Used for washing the car, watering the flowers,Cleaning.

Reinforced PVC Hose

Light weight, high transparency, good elasticity, used for water supply and discharge and transportation of other fluids and gases in the field of industry, agriculture and construction, etc. Products of different working pressure are available for varies application area.

Connect Hose, Shower Hose

For faucet and shower head connection. The hose body to be stainless steel or PVC, Both ends to be brass nuts or plastice nuts.

Fire Hose

Special high-grade polyester reinforced formula makes the product have shining color and excellent flexibility and low temperature resistance like rubber, as well as excellent combustion prevention. Suitable for fire-fighting hose. The product colors are red and black.

Silicone Hose,Silicone Seal Strip

High and low temperature resistance, good elasticity, meets the EU RoHS and FDA standard. Widely used in household appliances, industrial equipment, medical supplies and food application.

PVC Granule

Surface glossy, good stability. The hardness and color can be adjustable.