Weaved High Pressure Hose

High strength of soft PVC raw materials used to produce, the inner layer can resist corrosion of pesticide and chemical liquid. The middle with 24 shares or 32 shares of high strength polyester wires braided, outer layer of material coated is suitable for outdoor. High pressure, non-expansion. For high pressure cleaning machine and car washing sprayer.

3Layer High Pressure Spray Hose

Inner Layer is high toughness soft PVC material, Middle Layer is high strength polyester yarns, Outer Layer is  wear-resisting PVC.

5PLY High Pressure Spray Hose

Adopts three layer of soft PVC plus two layer reinforced technology, improve the anti pressure of the products, high efficiency, competitive price. The inner layer material can resist corrosion of pesticide, both ends with metal connectors. Suitable for agricultural pesticide.

Air Hose

Used for high pressure gas conveying, connected to the pneumatic tools and pump equipments. Both ends with brass connectors. Three layers structure, the middle high strength wires braided. The colour can be black, yellow, blue or any.